Sunday, January 7, 2018

How is your Sunday?  So, last night, Jason and I watched The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman.  What an Amazing movie!  Yes, I capitalize words on which I want extra emphasis.  I can’t say enough good to justify this movie’s greatness.  Positive, uplifting, sensational!
Well, it got me thinking.  I don’t express myself very well sometimes.  Not to toot my own horn, but I’m an extraordinary person-we All are-but we should be out there, showing ourselves.  Something I forgot to say in my intro is I have 21 tattoos.
I’ll post later about them all, however, one tatt in particular came to my mind as I watched The Greatest Showman.  On my right bicep, I have the phrase “Mutant and Proud”.  You probably recognize this from X-Men: First Class and later said in the rest of that X-Men trilogy.  Apart from those movies being among my favorites (and James McAvoy being my Hollywood boyfriend) I relate to that phrase very personally.
Growing up with CP was very hard for me, mind, body, and, well, every way, really.  I am the first daughter born-the 2nd child-in 5 kids and the only one who is disabled.  My parents made it clear they thought I’d just be nobody-their handicapped daughter-relying on them all my life.  Peers all through school were merciless.  I hated my life.  I had/have an incredible brain.  I have eyes, ears, a heart, but I felt like a mutant.
I can’t say immediately after watching X-Men: First Class my entire perspective did a 180.  I mean, I always knew I was meant for way more than what others thought of me, but to pick yourself up over and over… However, hearing that phrase-“Mutant and Proud”-and putting it on my arm, I feel extraordinary-like I Should feel!  Movies like X-Men and The Greatest Showman reinforce the love, the acceptance, the wonderfulness of people who are different and how amazing we are, too.

As always, I never know how to end a piece, like I’ve spent all my words for now.  Have a great day-and watch The Greatest Showman.


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