Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Riding the Fine Line of the Hard Role Model.

So, Mom just came by, and said she’d read a few of our blogs.  Although she said she liked it, she said I drop the f-bomb too much.  She said it made her think I didn’t have a wider vocabulary, which I’d heard before in other psychology articles and blogs.  It’s a flaw I’ve got, I admit…among many others.

While I think about it, I do want to be a role model to other crips, young and old, and sailor cussing isn’t one of the things I want to imbue in the kiddos…we already have a hard enough time making an impact in the able-bodied world without some jackweed crip spouting off unabashedly when there are hundreds of other ways to get the point across…I’m an English major after all.

I know I’m gonna get judged for being a pussy for listening to “Mommy,” because this is our blog and business, but oh well.  Either way, I’m here solely to put myself out there whether I drop an f-bomb or not (no apologies) for better or worse, and get people thinking and HOPEFULLY involved.

Be good to each other.


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