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The Moreau Family Diary Synopsis

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So, while I was in school I got into writing stories and poetry.  This carried on through college.  Mom gave me an advertisement for a Halloween writing contest, which I jumped on.  I wrote a short title, Secrets of the Moreau Family, but didn't win...such is life.  Anyhoo, the fam read it, and especially my sis, Kat, liked it and said I should do more.  So, I wrote Pandora's Box, but then, I had these two shorts.  What to do, what to do...  I set out to write the backstory of Secrets and Pandora; thus, Crimson Love and Crimson Love: The Last Dance were born.  I recently put all four together to finally make The Moreau Family Diary.

So, without further ado, here's the synopsis for you to check out.  If you have suggestions, sound off!

Be good to each other!


Let me introduce Nick Moreau, an up and coming lawyer.  He has everything he could possibly want: money, rising power, a loving wife.  He's living the American Dream.  He's cut throat, balls to the wall in nature coupled with chiseled good looks…curly brown hair, deep, dark eyes, strong jaw line.  Everything Marissa ever wanted in a man.

Let me now introduce Marissa Moreau, a lawyer in her own right, a lawyer with potential.  She too is living the American Dream; however, unlike Nick, Marissa isn’t so direct, blunt if you will.  From years of abuse from a perfectionist, alcoholic, glamour model mother, Marissa has learned how to get things done in a round about, devious way.

And friends, here’s the Timothy Peters, lead singer of the Wicked Dreams.  Everything he touches turns to gold.  The world’s truly in the palm of his hand as it should be with his chiseled good looks…curly brown hair, deep, dark eyes, strong jaw line.  No is not a word in his vocabulary.

Last and definitely least, let me introduce Marcus Sucram, one of Nick’s coworkers.  Marcus has contacts…contacts he’s not afraid to use to better his position in the firm or in life for that matter.  Tis through Mr. Sucram’s contacts and Mr. Sucram himself that Nick comes to obtain a certain pair of front row tickets to one Wicked Dreams concert that one Marissa Moreau would absolutely sell her soul to the devil for.  And, unbeknownst to Mr. Sucram, tis through him that Pandora’s Box is opened to unleash that should be left well alone.

Come join me in Nick and Marissa’s world after a chance meeting.  Come join me in a world marred by past demons, deceit, lust, and vengeance…and death.  Monica Hatfield, Marissa’s tormented mother, Gary Moreau, Nick’s vengeance-filled father, Nicodemus MacIntosh, a Mounty only wanting to help mend wounds and bring peace to his community, Bethany L. Harris, Nick’s “friend,” and many more await the chance to make your acquaintance.

So, sit back, take a load off, and look inside The Moreau Family Diary, a sordid tale of a couple generations in a family with secrets so deep and entrenched that death might be the only solution.  The Moreau Family Diary grabs you by the throat from page one and doesn’t let go until the last word drips off the page.

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