Monday, January 8, 2018

Never a Dull Moment.

Man, a crip’s life is never boring.  Case in point, this morning, Joey’s chick called in sick.  She’s actually gotten better, because she used to call when she was supposed to already be here.  Today, she called an hour early.  So, I called Nurses Unlimited, and hoping against hope, didn’t get Bob the GM.  Bob’s cool, when Joey needs something, he’s on it ASAP.  Wanda, the manager, not so much.  So, who do I get…Wanda.  Wanda has the air of the “paid to care” type, with that nasally tone, you know the one…the one that you just want to throat punch the person on the other end.  Anyhoo, I keep it short and sweet, keeping to the pertinents.

She says she’ll get on it, but we’re not anything soon, so I got on FB to start contacting providers she’s friended, Nattlie, Diana, and Treca, but we hadn’t seen Treca in ages after she’d gotten sick, and had to take leave.  We know she’s still kicking, because we’ve both played her on Words with Friends.  Still, we thought it was a long shot.  But, desperate times call for desperate measures, right.  And, she was getting to have to take a leak!  Not good.

So, we wait for an hour before I call back when the office opens at 8.  Ophelia answers, and says a new chick’s coming.  Hmmm, did they really call ALL the providers on Joey’s known list…I think not.  OK, so getting a new provider over first thing in the morning, or any shift for that matter, is a crapshoot.  Either, they’re on it and Joey loves whoever, or they’re complete idiots with absofuckinglutely no common sense whatsoever.  I know that sounds cynical, but it’s the God’s honest truth.  We've both been having providers since we were both 18.  It’s that black and white almost across the board.  At the same time, Wanda’s on the other line to tell us the exact same thing.  The rub is, the chick won’t be here for another hour.  Oh, and her name’s Victoria.  OK, fine.

Another hour and 15 minutes, and no Veronica, so Joey calls the office again.  They’ll check up on her.  OK.  So, she shows up, and, of course, it’s awkward, but fuck it, she has to get up…let’s do this.  Long story short, she settled down, and Joey wound up liking her.  But, man, all that just to take a leak…at the least!

Today was a legit day with Adriana saying she’d been vomiting and such, but A LOT of times they were at hair appointments knowing they had to be here at a certain time…people’ve even had the balls to tell us they’ve got hangovers, or that they’re at a party…really?!

SMH, such is life.  This why I say, to be a successful crip, one has to deal with shit and be able to adapt.

Be good to each other, Kids.


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