Monday, January 8, 2018

Whip It Good!

Who remembers roller derby that used to be on TV in the day?  The guys were meh, because they were…guys…being guys.  Now, the girls that was something to see.  It was crazy to see those chicks, some prissy princesses, some butcher than the biggest roughneck…and, they could whip the hell out of each other around the track…great fun to experience.

Now, instead of dudes or chicks on skates, think of the same thing with a wheelchair!  OK, so, I got my electric wheelchair before Noe got his, so what we’d do going through the school halls or the mall is he’d hold onto the push handle of my chair as we went.  Every now and then, he’d stretch his arm to get as much slack as his arm could stand…then, he’d pull as hard as he could, and shoot past me for as long as his momentum would carry him.  I’d catch up to him, and we’d have another go.  Yeah, it was goofy fun and people’d stare, but they stared anyway.  So, why not give them something to remember us by, right?

The thing was, when I whipped Noe, like the roller derby chicks, there was no steering or stopping.  It was just a joyride to wherever...hopefully, a straight shot, but more often than not sideswiping a trashcan or the rogue kid…or worse the girl whose ass we were following.  If his wheels started shimmying, which was pretty easy to do in the old rickety manual chairs back in the day, he wasn’t gonna be going straight.  If his wheel caught something, that was his ass!  Thankfully, nothing happened to that extent.  Picking his ass would’ve been a bitch.  Still, those were fun times.

Be good to each other.


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